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Pulpit Search Committee Update

Dear Members and Friends of Calvary

It has been a unique experience to participate in Calvary’s “drive-in” church. Our wonderful Worship Committee, musicians, videographer, and Trustees have put in countless volunteer hours to make sure the Covid-19 pandemic does not put an end to worshipping at Calvary Baptist Church. Rev. Kenneth Webster provided wonderful messages at our “drive-in church” service through the month of July and we are grateful for his ministry! Calvary will welcome Rev. Cynthia (Cyndi) Strosahl, of Pottstown, PA to our “drive-in pulpit” for five Sundays during August. The Pastoral Search Committee has been working diligently on our church profile. We are thankful to everyone who has put their knowledge, creativity, and experience to great use in designing our new church website. We want our website to reflect a congregation that is diverse, vibrant, committed to caring for their neighbors, and is excited about what God is doing in their midst. The new contemporary format of our website will be an important factor during the pastoral search process as candidates view our church home and see how we apply lessons learned from the Bible in the world today. If you have any pictures of youth or members participating in church activities that you would like us to consider for our website or Facebook page please forward them to

Please pray for:

  • Rev. Cynthia Strosahl as she prepares supply sermons and travels to our “drive-in” church.

  • Unity, wisdom, and discernment within the Pastoral Search Committee during this time of pastoral transition.

  • The servant of God whom the Lord will call to Calvary Baptist Church

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